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We at WA Surface Preparation, take care of all aspects of the concrete installation to finished honed concrete appearance.

  1. Are you on the lookout for a flooring solution for your Mandurah, Perth or Bunbury home that's both durable and elegant?
  2. Do you want to make improvements on your garage, driveway, patio, or footpaths?

If so, then honed concrete is one of your best flooring options for you!


What's Honed Concrete?

Honed concrete means that the cement is expertly ground down so that the polished aggregates are exposed, creating stunning texture and modern look. Honed concrete has a durable finish perfect for areas with lots of foot traffic.

It's the ideal combination of beauty and strength, and it has no problem standing up to the harsh Australian climate and sun. Specific stones can even help to control the temperature of the concrete, which is especially helpful if you're looking to pave the area around your swimming pool.

Honed concrete is also resistant to stains and still has a high slip rating designed to keep you safe. Unlike other flooring solutions, Honed concrete is low maintenance - it means that you can enjoy your flooring without having to worry about cleaning or maintaining it.

You can choose from different sealing methods, depending on whether you're interested in a more natural look or if you'd like for the colours of the stones to pop.

honed_concreteDepends on your personal preferences, you can choose between a light or in-depth honing process, which sizes and colours of stones and sands you'd like to use, and much more

No two honed concrete floors and paths will look alike, allowing you to customize your design and its texture completely. In spite of the endless colour combination options, the installation process isn't especially time-consuming, nor does it require lots of equipment and tools.

If you can't decide on what concrete design to choose, don't worry!

Our honed concrete expert can suggest different pre-determined mixes that offer varying shades of stone and sand, unique textures, and various levels of softness.

Glow in the dark stones for honed concrete!

Many homeowners are especially interested in glow in the dark stones, which are seeded directly into the exposed aggregate. These stones look gorgeous at night and will help make sure that everyone stays on the right path.


Honed concrete installation!

We can assist you with the honed concrete installation process. We're here to help you with the selection of the concrete itself, the preparation of the installation area, the coating/sealant, and much more.

At WA Surface Preparation, we have more than 15 years of experience with honed concrete and many other flooring/paving solutions. We prioritize affordability, but also believe that paying a fair price for your honed concrete should never impact the quality of the work you receive.

We always make sure we offer you with options that fit with both your budget, space and your overall lifestyle. We finish our work on-time and ensure that you're happy with the results and that you select options that.

What other services do you provide?

We also offer services like Tile Removal, Adhesive Removal, Bathroom Strip Outs, Concrete Grinding, Floor RemovalKitchen Strip Outs, Tile Stripping, Timber Floor Removal.

Are you ready to install honed concrete in your Mandurah, Perth or Bunbury home?

Reach out to our expert honed concrete Mandurah services today to schedule your complimentary measure and quote or call us at 0418 734 225 for professional advice.

If you'd like to learn more about our tiling and concrete services in Mandurah, Perth or Bunbury. Send us your enquiry here.

What Makes WA Surface Preparation Different

• Trained Professionals - We are trained professionals with many years of experience providing the highest quality refinishing and resurfacing using a variety of stain colours.

• Licensed & Insured - The safety, security and peace of mind of our customers and employees matter to us - having said that, once you hire our team, you can assure that you will be working with licensed and insured professionals.

• On Time & Budget - We keep thriving because we complete every project we handle on time and within our customers budget. We value your time and money as much as we value ours. If you choose us to do your refinishing & resurfacing job, we'll make sure to complete it on time, in line with your preferences, budget and up to Australian Standards.

• Comfort - We do the work for you. We want you to feel comfortable while we work on your project. There's no heavy lugging equipment, purchasing inferior products or spending the time doing it yourself. We will do our best to deliver excellent results and even exceed your expectations.

• Attention to Details - We care, and we have a passion for finishing every projects with optimum attention to details. We will take the time to listen to your concerns and preferences, and then we will make sure to address them promptly.

• Highest Quality - As experts in refinishing and resurfacing, we can guarantee that we will finish your project with the highest quality standards. Our company is Australian owned and operated, and when we say, the highest quality, we mean Australian standards.

• Investment - Refinishing and resurfacing can add strength, beauty and value to your property, and therefore, it's a good investment.For us, the long term benefits matters, and when you invest your money in refinishing or resurfacing, we will make sure to deliver results that will stand the test of time.

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Testimonial: "Chris did an awesome job on honing my alfresco. great workmanship, site left clean. definitely recommend them."

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